The Reest Valley, a beautiful piece of nature on the border of Overijssel and Drenthe. It is the place where I just have spent seven wonderful days. In a cottage with only the much-needed facilities, overlooking the wild grassland where roe deer, rabbits, hares, Nile geese and about a few weeks back the Highland cattle graze. Silence in the air – if you cash gekinkelier and getwiet of the hundreds of birds would not take into account. For me and my family this is pure relaxation. Hiking (but not too long), Monopoly (ditto) and read books while the fire crackles in the stove. Here we are at home. But everything comes to an end. With lead in the shoes we yesterday morning the car again. At half past eleven the cottage must be empty for the cleaning service. Even though we come here for years and we consider the structure already long as ' us ' cottage, at noon the following guests expected. Back at home it's getting used to. Granted, you still sleep in your own bed just a little tastier than anywhere else, and in your own hot bathroom is 't after all, very good shower. And luckily I'm still one and a half day off. But the silence, the silence, and the equally nothing at all hóeven miss you right away. In the past I have sometimes my portable spreekcel taken to our cottage. That is, my laptop, a USB microphone and my headphones. With the cushions in the cottage I built than a mini celletje speak. That was just enough to the twittering of the birds outside, while the family required a detour. So I do have rather en route what commands can record, to rural radio commercials. In the conscious holiday was an ad-hoc police message for SBS and a company movie that couldn't stay down until after my absence. Recording went quite nice, even though I – in that relaxed state – turned out to speak a lot slower than normal. But the stress of looking for a suitable position to pick as many Wi-Fi signal and then sending the files my vacation did no good. The client files are received too late and I thought I was high at inschoot. The mobile set I this time deliberately left at home. Though I checked in on my email everyday. Usually a command can be some wait a few days and as long as I open this map play with my clients I notice that fully understand. Also, I have my regular clients ample opportunity given to for my holiday to send in their scripts. There is eagerly used. If you like it, I can also inform you in the future of my absence, via my newsletter. I try every now and then (once or six per year) tips, articles and other facts to share with my readers. So for now I can go. The mind is empty and the tank is full again. Now a day fiddling and picture viewing. Oh and the cottage? If you are interested I can introduce you to the owner. If you are like me loves beautiful nature and not desires a luxury accommodation then you go it there definitely to your liking.