The workday’s almost over and I’m waiting for my last script updates.

This is a good moment to present you my latest voiceover demo’s. Or have you already found them under the big knob on top of the homepage? Whether you’ve heard them or not: you can now find them all here in one place. I think it’s a nice representation of what my voice has to offer. Of course, I’m always open for feedback, so go ahead, listen to the demo’s and put your 2 cents in the contact form. You can also ‘like’ the demos by clicking on the little heart icons. Have a good one! Arno    
Arno Lubbinge, voice-over

Arno Lubbinge, voice-over
Soesterveste 16
3432 RK  Nieuwegein (NL)

(+31) 06 - 199 362 20

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